Extra POI Editor | How to build alert distance in using gpx files.

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Updated: 8/10/2023

You can use Extra POI Editor to build the alert distance into your POI file.

If Extra POI Editor isn't installed on your computer yet, you can download a copy from this link: extra-poi-editor-installer-v604-setup.zip

Set Preferences

Once Extra POI Editor is installed on your computer, you will need to set up the preferences. For settings in feet, follow these steps:

  • Under Options, click “Preferences”.
  • Under units, you will see “Editor”: select “Imperial/US”.
  • For “Field Read”, select “metric”; and for “Field save”, select “Metric”.

Load a File

After setting your preferences, click on “File” and then click “open” to select from your computer the file you want to build the distance alerts for.

Replace Field

Next, go to “Edit” and click on “Replace Field”.

Setup the Replace

Once the next screen comes up, use the down arrow for “Field name” and pick “Proximity”. Under “New Field Value”, type the distance in feet you want for the alert.

Run the Replace

Next, click the “Replace All” button to run the replace.

Save the File

Click “File” and select “Save As”. Make sure to select “GPX file” for the Save as type. Name the file according to your preference.

You now have an alert distance set for each custom POI.

The nice thing about this method is that you will get alerts from this file using express mode in POI Loader.

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