Extra POI Editor | How do I Configure Extra POI Editor?

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If you are using GPX files for your POI, then you can set the proximity for each location within the file itself allowing POILoader to be run in AUTO mode.

Assuming you have a PC, use Turbo's Extra_POI_Editor (EPE). (Instructions on where to find EPE and how to install it are in many different threads, but the file itself is at http://turboccc.wikispaces.com/Extra_POI_Editor.)

You need to set some preferences, so once the file is installed, go to Options -> Preferences (CTL-P) and select the following:

Select either Imperial/US (Feet) or Metric (Meters)
CSV file read and write should be left to Metric

GPX Output:
Encoding: UTF-8 (UTF-8 has become the dominant character encoding for the World-Wide Web and is also increasingly being used as the default character encoding in operating systems, programming languages, APIs, and software applications.)
Line Break: This is the default character your unit needs to start a new line on the display. The character varies from unit-to-unit often within the same brand.
Time Stamps: Your preference, mine are disabled.

CSV Output:
Line Break: Should match what you set for the GPX files.
Remove Column Header: put a check in the box
Set the options you think you will need. I have a check next to Remove duplicate comment fields, and the 2 enable extraction fields. I also have the "Remove empty comment field" filter unchecked, but that's personal preference.

Again, set what you think you will need.
Those are the key options you need.

Now, to set proximity in a GPX file, follow these steps:

Open the file using EPE.
Press CTL-R to open the Replace Field feature
Press the letter 'P' 5 times and the word Proximity will show as the Field Name
Key in the value on the box (Feet for Imperial/US, meters for Metric - The value is what you stated you were using as Units when you set your preferences.
Click on OK.

The program will now put the metric equivalent of your value into the proper field in the GPX file for all locations. This file can now be loaded by POILoader in AUTO.

Like several others here at POI-Factory using proximity alerts, we load mostly GPX files that have proximity within the file so we can use the auto mode. EPE will read a CSV file allowing you to add a proximity alert value and then save the file in GPX format. There is no real need to edit the CSV file using a text editor or spreadsheet program.

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