How Import POIs into Basecamp?


I want to import custom POIs, into Basecamp. Can you provide some guidance?
Basecamp has a custom POI function so Im assuming this can be done but the function in Basecamp is grayed out.

There is no GPS device attached to the PC. For example I want to download a POI file from POI factory camping locations and have those appear on the Basecamp map during a Basecamp POI search. I would then plan a route using Basecamp to the campsites.

Any hints to offer?

connect the GPS

You must connect the GPS to the computer for Custom POIs to be visible in BaseCamp. An alternate method is to make a GPS clone of the GPS using a USB flash drive. However, when new POIs are loaded into the GPS the clone must be updated to see them.

Perhaps other members have a different way of doing this.

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ok thanks. I dont want GPS

ok thanks. I dont want GPS POIs. I want to for example load POIs available from the POI Factory as a file into Basecamp. Then use Basecamp to search POIs and design routes to selected POIs.

say for example these campsites from this file. Im hoping they would show up on the Basecamp map and then I could create routes to travel to selected campsites.


If it's a GPX file, you can just open it directly in BaseCamp. Import them into a List.

If it's a CSV file, you will have to convert it to GPX first.