Garmin DriveSmart Series & Blind Spot Monitoring


The Garmin DriveSmart 70 LMT (perhaps others within that series) supports multiple cameras such as a baby cam or backup cam. Does anyone know of a way to rig up a separate camera for blind spot monitoring - one for each side would be ideal. I'm no automotive electrician I would imagine that you'd have to rig it somehow with a relay that switches on with the indicator and then that would wirelessly transmit the feed to the Garmin. Ideally, it'd be a timed relay so as to not conflict with the instructions on the screen when merging, changing lanes, in high volume busy areas.

Baby Cam

I'm thinking about picking up a baby cam for use with a 50LMT as a wireless backup camera for my Honda Odyssey. Anyone tried this or is this a good idea? It's better than nothing I guess. I'm thinking about just using double sided tape and sticking it on the inside of the rear window. Seen one on sale for $99. I don't want to buy the backup camera because it's harder to install.

Baby Cam

@Jackrabit000 ... I don't really have an answer to your qustion, but my guess is that the Baby Cam is not weatherproof as the backup cam is. So there could be some problems with installing it outside the vehicle. And if you mount it inside, it would limit the angle of visibility for backup. Also, don't the backup cameras have a wide angle lens and display marking lines in the image?

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