Skin vs Case


Which one would you prefer?

I prefer skin because it is less costly, provide a better grip, add some creativity and less chunky or bulky than a case.

I suppose..

It depends on personal preference and how you use your device. My wife and I prefer cases due to their greater protection against drops and rough handling.

Wait a minute!

banglazed wrote:

Which one would you prefer?

I prefer skin...

Wait a minute! What are we talking about? Is this the old circumcision vs. non-circumcision argument?

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Definitely skin, without all my blood would leak out !!!!!!!

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Haha, talk about derailing a

Haha, talk about derailing a thread. I agree with the other poster, it's all preference, though for my family, it's cases on all phones and tempered glass shield.

unbreakable glass

About immortality of "super mega unbreakable" screens can say a lot still well going business of screen exchange and some manufacturer warranty given for top models. Especially if you are carrying device with unprotected screen in purse or pocket with keys, change or other hard objects case will be more durable choice.

LED Flip Case

I originally bought the Otterbox for my Note 4 but did worry about the phone screen while in my purse.

I later bought a Samsung LED Flip Case for my Note 4. I like it very much. It is not as durable as the Otterbox but is smaller and looks nicer. It also protects the screen in my purse. And, I do love the LED notifications on the outside of the case. You can also talk on the phone while the case it shut.
My preference is the LED Flip Case over the big chunky Otterbox.

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I Prefer Skin

I don't like the added size of a case. I still wish I had a case, as it's falling, every time I drop it. So far, so good for not getting damaged. It's infrequent enough that I get a feeling of dread as I watch it fall. If it happened regularly, I think I'd eventually get to be indifferent to the potential destruction.

It Depends...

confused Doesn't it depend on which side of the peanut butter the bread is on? wink


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I prefer the skin also after having a protective case before

banglazed wrote:

Which one would you prefer?

I prefer skin because it is less costly, provide a better grip, add some creativity and less chunky or bulky than a case.

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4 with the S-view wireless charging cover. It works great and like the wireless capability and it has done a great job of protecting the phone. I dropped it one time and when it fell the cover opened up and the phone landed on the screen face. Luckily no damage but the case really didn't protect it like I had hoped. The total cost of the case and tempered glass screen protector was about $70.

A month ago I got a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and this time I went with a gel skin that covers the 4 sides and back and makes the phone easier to hang unto, less bulky and actually gives decent protection against bumps and scrapes. I installed a tempered glass screen protector to protect the screen from scratches and blows. The two cover the phone front, back and all sides and total cost was less than $10.

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Because my garmin sits on my

Because my garmin sits on my dash I don't need anything on it.


I can't say anything bad about the OtterBox.


it's the dog's fault

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I use skin for my

I use skin for my smartphone, as it needs it. My garmin does not have any and don't see getting one since I don't carry it around.