Forced to Windows 10


Well, I have had two computers - on their own - start the process of updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I found my home desktop just beginning the process and was able to kill it and have it revert to Win 7.

One of the computers in our Television Ministry at church actually finished the update and was asking for us to accept the Terms. We pressed "Decline" and it let us revert to Win 7.

SO - what I did was install a utility recommended by Leo Notenboom, a computer guru that I follow.

In this link, Leo explains how to install and use the utility.

Now Win 10 may be a great system, and I may at some time embrace it, but I want to do it on my terms. So I installed this utility that Leo recommended.

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Some did, some didn't

mgarledge wrote:

I did have to roll back my Vista. They never were able to give me a driver for my graphic card to work correctly.

I research my Windows 7 and it is older than they are supporting. They are not making drivers and are not testing the Windows 10 operating system for Windows 7 before 2013.

Has anyone updated their Windows 7 PC that was purchased before 2013? If so did everything work correctly? Did you find drivers that would work for everything?

All of the laptops in my household run Windows 10, but it took a fair amount of work to get some of them running.

  • My HP laptop from 2007 had Windows Vista on it. After installing a modified BIOS that would allow me to install a HP-branded Windows 7, I did just that. From there I installed the Windows 10 Insider Preview and continue to run it even now without trouble.
  • The Dell Inspiron 1545 from 2009 also came with Windows Vista. Dell offered a Windows 7 upgrade for that device, and we took advantage of that upgrade. When Windows 10 was released, Windows 10 was installed upon it. No driver problems there.
  • My Dell Mini 10V netbook from 2009, after upgrading it to Windows 7 (using the Dell Duo's Windows 7 disk) took the Windows 10 upgrade without an issue. It however needed an additional GB of RAM to run well.
  • My Inspiron N5010 from 2010 came with Windows 7 out of the box. Upgrading to Windows 10 worked, but I lost support for Bluetooth until I downloaded and modified a Lenovo Bluetooth driver to work on the machine.
  • A Dell XPS 15 from 2011 upgraded to Windows 10 had significant problems with drivers. The only way for it to work with Windows 10 was to do a clean install of Windows 7, install the included drivers, then immediately upgrade to Windows 10.
  • The Dell Duo netbook from 2011 running Windows 7 upgraded to 10 without problems.
  • My Dell XPS 18 is from 2013 and really doesn't qualify, but it upgraded without issue.
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Everyone I know really likes Windows 10

geo334 wrote:

you know some people are still running windows XP and they will use them until the computer dies ! if you have an older computer think about how long you figure it will last can you get 4-6 years out of it, are you comfortable with it, if you are run it until it dies then get a new one it will come with windows 10, ive up graded to win 10 and I build my own computers my wife wants to keep windows 7 on hers . which is fine she does hobby stuff on it and its about 5 years old ! the things that bother me about windows 10 is the data mining but then again so does google and any online service and retail store you do business with ! the other is the edge browser at times I look at the task manager and find edge is using a very large amount of memory enough to slow my computer to a crawl more then my Kaspersky and malware bytes combined I kill the edge browser and restart it and then its fine ! maybe with the aug update they will fix it!

I don't mind the data mining at all - as you say Google, Amazon and all the other online services and retail stores we all do business with do it. I don't find it a problem at fact, most people probably find it helpful at times.

I seldom use the Edge browser...or IE 11 for that matter. (I've never known or seen the Edge browser to use much memory.) I much prefer Google Chrome, which I've made my default browser years ago.

I like the MS Defender protection. I'm really surprised MS didn't incorporate anti-virus protection many years ago. I suspect Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast and the other anti-virus providers will suffer...unless they can convince Windows 10 users that Defender alone is not enough. Thus far using only Defender and the free Super Anti-Spyware program, I have not experienced any issues...and I'll save ~$50 each year not having to buy a worthy anti-virus program.

The only issue I have experienced with a clean install of Windows 10 is that every once in a while Start, Cortana and the Calendar will not launch, which requires a restart to correct. I see that others (upgrade or clean install) have experienced the same issue, and it's just a matter of doing a restart. I suspect MS will fix this minor issue soon (maybe the big update in early August).

Everyone I know really likes Windows 10. I highly recommend upgrading before July 29th to get it free...unless your computer is really old and doesn't meet the minimum requirements, in which case it's long-since time for a new computer anyway.

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Window update offer driver update, Never let window install driver update, if you are looking for driver update for your video card, or sound driver, go to the proper web site and download from there.

I went to HP

Driver 38 wrote:

Window update offer driver update, Never let window install driver update, if you are looking for driver update for your video card, or sound driver, go to the proper web site and download from there.

I went to HP for information on my Windows 7 and that is where I was told that if the computer was 2013 or older it would have problems.

I do have a Netbook that had Windows 7 on it and I installed Windows 10. I also have a Notebook that came with Windows 10. The Notebook is a 17.3 HP with a PC size keyboard. It is loaded and is a lot better than my Windows 7. I use the Notebook for my day to day computing. The Windows Vista is upstairs and has nothing but games on it for the Grand Kids. My Windows 7 has games on it but is what my husband uses and we load all our photos on it (with a backup to external HD).

I see no reason to update the Windows 7. It is working great so why take a chance. If it were my day to day PC I would probably give it a try.

I buy a new computer ever 3 or 4 years so will just wait for the next one.

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10 days left

wife still has windows 7 64 bit , but then again its an old computer and its having a few problems so maybe its best to wait until it dies and get a new one she will be hell to live with for a while until she gets used to windows 10 but if I install startisback it will look enough like windows 7 to get by LOL . the main problem im having is with the edge browser and msn news scrolling down the page it will stall and have to reload the page now I have 32 gig's of ddr4 memory and my grapic card has 8 gigs of ram so im not memory poor, my main drive is an ssd and my cpu speed is 4.4 im starting to think part of the problem may be MSN news ! I can watch movies or play heavy graphic games with no glitches or slowdowns .

Rejoice windows 7 start menu

Rejoice windows 7 start menu on windows 10!

Thanks for that link

Thanks for that link

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Really having pretty good luck with 10 so far

So far they load fast and Windows defender seems to keep them clean

I bet this brings back

I bet this brings back memories.....

Forget about any productive internet use... most of the certs are outdated with no updates in sight. Some programs installed ok, others complained of missing components.

Hard to imagine that was considered state of the art at one time.

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