Simple Text To Speech Program


Can anyone suggest a simple Text to Speech program? I used to use the AT & T lab demo program, but it is no longer available for free.

I want to create periodic .wav files to announce things like "Rest Area Ahead", "Toll Booth Ahead" etc. The AT&T demo had a number of male and female voices, was and had a spot to type some simple text. You could save as MP3 or .wav.

Look forward to any suggestions. I'm not looking to convert a large word file.

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This is the one I use for the wav files I do. Only two voice selections if you have Windows 10 .Can save both wav and mp3.Also can read text for you.

1.Open program.
2.Type text you want.
3.Click file then. Save Audio File.
4.Use down arrow for save as type.For wav or mp3 or others file types.

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try this

Try this It use to be highest rated program for TTS functionality and have wide selection of localized voices. It can play sample text on website. It doesn't save to file, but you can capture voice with other program.

Thanks for the suggestions

I tried both and found that the Ivona was the most natural. I do have to do a capture, but for as often as I am going to use this, I found it works easy and no program to load.

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I have the Ivona program on my computer and use it for my TourGuide files. I got it before they stopped selling it. I only have a male voice so if anyone has a small file to convert I can do it for you at no cost for it would be less than a minute for a page or three.
Just private E mail me and I shall reply fast.

I have used It is simple to use and it will convert mp3 to wav and will also work the other way around.

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