Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of March 07, 2016


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Monday Morning

Good morning to all and enjoy the week smile

johnm405 660 & MSS&T


Hoo-Hoo. Happy Mondazy

"As life runs on, the road grows strange with faces new - and near the end. The milestones into headstones change, Neath every one a friend." - James Russell Lowell Garmin StreetPilot C330, Garmin NUVI 765T, Garmin DriveSmart 60LMT

Happy Monday

... Yay!

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Good morning

#4 Not bad for me! Hope everyone had a great weekend and wishing all a safe week.

Travel Safe!

Looking forward

to a very warm week for early March in Maryland.
Time to go top down!

Have a great week

Have a great week, everyone!

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Hi Everybody...

Drive safely, have a great week and i’ll see ya next Monday...

Sullivan's Law: Murphy was an optimist!

Chit Chat

Greetings from the Midwest.



and safe week to all. wink

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here we go again

here we go again

nuvi 2597LMT

Sunshine on my shoulders....

.....makes me happy. Sure felt nice yesterday. Now...about the 3 feet of snow on the ground.

If at first you don't succeed....redefine success

No Constraints

"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004)


Gary Hayman

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Good Day

Be safe out there.

Have a good week

it's going to be nice here.

Great Week

Be safe.

Nice Today, But . . .

. . .lookin' like the rest of the week is gonna be a soaker.

ho hum ho hum, it's off to

ho hum ho hum, it's off to work I go...

Have a Safe and Great Week!


warm week


Have a great week!

Have a great week!

nuvi 2460LMT

70 degrees this week in DC.....

Can't Wait

RKF (Brookeville, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

Good Monday Morning

Have a safe week.

Have a great week

Have a great week

John B - Garmin 765T


#24... surprised

have a great week

Wishing everyone a great week!

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Another week...

another day closer to good golf weather!

Freedom isn't free...thank you veterans! Heard about the tests to detect PANCREATIC CANCER? There aren't any! In Memoriam: #77 NYPD-SCA/Seattle Mike/Joe S./Vinny D./RTC!

Happy Week

Have a great week everyone and drive safely! smile


Happy Monday ...

... as the rain returns to Northern California.

Good Morning

Wishing everyone a fabulous week.

David Cross Garmin TravelSmart 86 Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

happy week y'all...

Drive safe and enjoy the week!

Nuvi 660

Monday Afternoon

Nice afternoon here in Memphis, It's time For NCAA college Basketball championship. Everyone have a good safe week

Defeat ALS. Help support

Defeat ALS. Help support your local ALS chapter!

Have a Great Day

Have a Great Day

Garmin nuvi,750

Have a

good week everybody

Not to bad outside today

Not to bad outside today

Gonna be nice

This week

Expect nothing!, appreciate benignity!

Boo Hiss....

...Monday blah!

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe(')


a Great Week.

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Have a great week everyone

Have a Great Week

Stay safe


Have a great week


Nuvi 2595LMT

Monday Monday!

Can't trust this day!

Gotta love working for a school district

I get more holidays off then I need but I'm not complaining.

******************Garmin Nüvi 1300T****************Member 6523*******************


Have a great week

Hope everyone has a great

Hope everyone has a great week!




warming up the week for Virginia. I know its not gonna last that long. have a good rest of the week.

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Also warming up here in Delawhere.

Nuvi 760

Life as it was is not back to normal yet

Mother is in assisted living now. Very nice place and nice people. Now dealing with Medicare, Social Security and Veterans Benefits. A nightmare.... I can see a small light at the end of the paperwork tunnel but not much of it. smile

At least I am still smiling. smile smile

Have a great week.

Mary, Nuvi 2450, Garmin Viago, Honda Navigation, Nuvi 750 (gave to son)

Everybody have a great week

Everybody have a great week

All the worlds indeed a stage and we are merely players. Rush
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