Tom Tom GO 50 and current update 15.600


Greetings, Being new to the nav world and new to Tom Tom I want to pass on that there is an issue in updating their new version 15.600 software. It effects the sound level of the nav unit and will not allow you to adjust the sound level. The sound is lower that the road noise and makes it very hard to hear directions. I understand that it is an issue based on a new feature that lowers the volume level when the battery is in a low state. This version has it hooked all the time and Tom Tom related that a fix is on the way. For now if you follow the instructions at this link and are quick with the triple finger tap you will get your Tom Tom volume back. Make sure to follow the instructions to the TEE and be patient it will work. Thanks for the read and hope this helps someone as it did me.

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Thanks for the info