Chit Chat Thread For The Week Of March 07, 2016


This is the place to talk about things that are not GPS related.

This thread will be closed on Monday and a new one will be opened.


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Warming week ahead, as

Warming week ahead, as experienced from today.

It's Spring

It's not even St Patrick's day and Pittsburgh is in the 70s this week.


So tired... Already!

Rough week behind

Rough week ahead.... Need a little closure and some Spring weather.




Have a great week


it's Monday again...

happy Monday

67 today...

70's tomorrow in SW Ohio. Whoopee!

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Have a safe week folks. Hopefully spring is on your doorstep!

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Windmill post.

Windmill post.

Midweek in the Northeast

Midweek in the Northeast will be another taste of spring. I hope that last week's lil' snow is the last for the season.

Drive safe all!


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Warm Is Good.

The weather has taken a turn toward warm again here in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Time to Turn to lawn work again. Put down fertilizer, sharpen the mower blades. Prune and weed.

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spring ahead

don't forget daylight savings time begins next week, 13 mar


day today!

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Have a good day.


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Early Spring?

Nice weather, enjoy.

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Good morning, hope everyone

Good morning, hope everyone has a great week!

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Good Morning

Running late this week, be safe everyone.

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have a great week everyone


Going into the 80's this week. That's early. The Spring breakers will love it.

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Hi All

Nuvi 760

Checking in .

Checking in .

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Happy Tuesday

Have a great week!

Getting ready for beautiful spring weather

Love this time of year

Bike Week...

Since this is the 75th Anniversary of Bike Week in Daytona Beach, the crowds seem much larger than usual. I went out Monday and it's already pretty crowded. The venues that normally opened on Wednesday or Thursday (Demo Rides, Vendors, etc), actually started last Saturday.

I got to try a couple of Victory & Indian motorcycles (nice, but I still like my Harley), and look forward to trying a few others just to see the difference....

Lots to do & see, and will only get better as the week goes on cool

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Go on Vacation

and I forget to check in......

Nice Weather

predicted for the rest of the week. Have to get out in the yard soon smile

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Have A Nice Week

Have A Nice Week !!

Happy Tuesday

Hope you are having a real good day.


Have a nice week

I wish all of you a great week!


Have a great week, everyone.

Have a good week everyone

Have a good week everyone

Not Monday

Must have slept in yesterday.
Have a good week all. Cheers


have a

great week everyone.

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Hoping for a cure

Warm outside

Warm outside

Damn!!!!!! Finally cleared

Damn!!!!!! Finally cleared a path to get my bike out of the garage..... Rode down the road, kick ass music playing, wind in my face..... A familiar feeling coming back.... Life is good!

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Gorgeous weather in Central Indiana, 71 degrees, sunny and slight breeze, wonderful ! Remember to turn your clocks ahead this Saturday night. Have a good week all !

warm today

warm today

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Monday, Monday

Happy March, all


Beautiful weather!

Great weather today. Took out the bicycle for a spin. It was great.

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Tuesday in North Texas - Lot of flooding and wind damage today.

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Good evening all. I'm happy

Good evening all. I'm happy to be here and looking forward to our next road trip smile

Looks like a great weather

Looks like a great weather week.

Spring Fever...

This weather gives me Spring Fever...

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Good morning.

Good morning.

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Hope everyone is having a

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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