2017.10 Large JCV File Download


So the links don't get lost in the JCV discussion thread, I created a separate post.

Links removed. Files no longer available.

Use WinRAR (http://www.rarlabs.com) or 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org) to extract.

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ricmey1 wrote:

Does anyone know where I can get this file here, the link to download has expired? I do not want to use the Garmin website as my gps is in my headunit in my truck. I need to download to the internal sd card, which I do whenever something changes.

Strephon only keeps the large JCV file for the current map, not for older maps. The current CN NA map is 2017.20, so your best option is to update your map, then get the current large JCV file.

If you search online for the file named D3060200A.jcv, you may find some other sites that have published the 2017.10 files. Use caution though, as some of these sites contain illegal content and/or may contain malware.

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