Nuvi 3490lmt vs 3597lmthd


I currently have a Nuvi 3490lmt. Other than a larger screen, are there any other big advantages of the 3597lmthd over the 3490lmt?

3490lmt advantages for me over 3597lmthd:
- longer battery life
- lighter and smaller so it can fit in your pocket for pedestrian gps
- cheaper, I bought my 3490lmt for $145 during christmas time



Don't know if there are BIG advantages to the 3597, although it's my far the best GPS I've owned or used. A couple of things I like on the 3597 that I don't think are on the 3490 are:

Real Directions - the Nuvi says things like turn right onto Main Street after the bank building or stay in either of the 2 left hand turn lanes, etc.

Active Lane Guidance - part of the Junction View feature but shows a moving view of the lane you need to be in to make the next turn.

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Additional Information

Here are the respective Garmin spec sheets for the two units:


In addition to the differences you mention, the 3597 comes with the GTM60 HD traffic receiver cable while the 3490 is equipped with the GTM 36 3D Digital 3D (live) traffic receiver.

The 3490 Smartphone Link app is compatible with Android but not iphone smartphones while the 3597 is compatible with both.

The 3597 gives spoken turn by turn directions using Garmin “Real Directions” and “Real Voice”, has Garmin’s “Active Lane Guidance”, 3D view and built in school zone alerts.

Although larger than the 3490, the 3597 easily fits in my shirt or pants pocket. You can still find factory refurbished 3597’s for around $230.

Admittedly, the 2 hour battery life (half that of the 3490) is a negative if the unit is used for pedestrian navigation.

Although a bit pricey, IMO, the 3597 is still the best unit Garmin has offered to date.