POI's for Ireland?


Looking to load up some POI's for Ireland but I don't see many here, I think there are only 4 here at POI Factory, Irish post offices, skydiving drop zones, Thai churches and Thai restaurants. Neither broad, nor deep. smile

I also don't see any website comparable to POI-Factory for the Irish or euro market.

Have I missed something, or does anyone have any ideas?




I remember looking at the Garmin site that gave a list of sites for POI's (that is how I found this one)
There were a few, even though a lot were pay sites, not to expensive.
Hope the maps a good. I have been there a lot of times and some of the road can be tricky. Good luck!

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Ireland GPX

Ask and thee shall receive. We just visited Ireland in 2009 and put a short version on my website of the places we visited.
I am also SOON putting up my collection of Irish GPS locations of, diners, B&B's, historical sites, castles, etc which I used to plan my trip.
I made a KML file for Google Earth and then planned the trip and then put the places I wanted to visit in my Garmin.

Irish POI's

I just uploaded 4 Irish GPX files. I thought that I had deleted them but found copies on one of my hard drives.
Irish Castles.gpx
IRISH Restaurants.gpx
Irish Lodging.gpx
Iireland Favorit places.gpx (I misspelled Ireland and Favorite)


This site no longer exists..

This site no longer exists.. Bummer

Mike G.


If you have a smart phone, try the "here" app.
It is free and can be used offline. I have been to Ireland a number of times and checked (not POI's) but places IE:places to eat, things to do and see. They were right on the money and the directions were great

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