Nuvi 52 LM (transfer favorites from nuvi 350?)


Can I transfer my old favorites and custom POIs from my Nuvi 350 to my new Nuvi 52 LM?

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As much as this can be done with computer file manipulations, you may find it easier to do if you already have BaseCamp or Mapsource on your computer where you can just Import the Favorites from the old GPS and Export them to the new GPS.


You can use Garmin Express.

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POI Files

You can import your favorites files as described above. However, you may find importing custom POI files will not play any sounds if you had them with your Nuvi 350. That unit used MP3 sounds, your 52LM does not recognize MP3, only .wav sounds.

All newer Nuvi's beginning with the 7XX use .wav sounds. Your 350 will recognize POI's created with .wav sounds as well as MP3's. Those created with .wav will play on both your Nuvi's so it's best to get into the habit of creating the POI's using .wav.

To create new POI files you will need to convert any MP3 files to .wav and use PoiLoader. You will also need to download a file named "sox.exe" and copy it to the same folder in PoiLoader.

Here is a link to do that:

Here is a link to convert MP3 to .wav (free)

If you don't like that one, do a Google search using key words 'convert .MP3 to wav".

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