Turboccc wiki


A couple of weeks ago I was able to access turboccc.wikispaces.com.

Since last week-end, the website says:

"The subscription for this wiki has expired. To reactivate the subscription, click here.

This wiki is pubilicly (sic) viewable, which requires account verification. You can complete this by upgrading to a Plus or Super wiki, or by verifying your account."

Has someone else received the same message?

Can you still access to the data? I can't.

Turboccc wiki - down and may be deleted

It looks like the webpage is going to be deleted.

Check this out:

Point 3 at the bottom:
"If you no longer wish to keep your wiki active, you may allow your wiki to expire and it will be deleted. If you would like to export the contents of your wiki you can download the contents of your wiki in wikitext, HTML, or PDF format."

It would be a shame that all that Turboccc work would dissappear.

May be some older members that had dealt with him in the past may tell him this sad news.

re EPE

Go to this thread and near the bottom of the first page there is a temp link set up.


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Great, thanks!

Great, thanks!

Windows 8.1?

All that makes me see this as an unsupported product, unfortunately.

As I'm planning to go to a Windows 8.1 system. Can anyone confirm if the current EPE runs on such a system.

Windows 8.1 works

I have Windows 8.1 and currently run EPE 5.91 without any issues.

Windows 10 TP Works

I have Windows 10 Technical Preview, and EPE 5.91 and Basecamp 4.3.5 both work.

No Start Menu item or folder created, nor a Desktop Icon, for either one, but they do both work without having to specify any Compatibility modes.