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Is it possible to get a website's data so I can create a POI file?

For example, shows all the Oil Rigs Wells in the State of ND. How can I get all their data to I can create a POI file for my Garmin?

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Two Ways

1. Copy and paste the data from the website and put the appropriate data into a csv file..

2. Go to Contact Us on the website. Provide a link to POI Factory and tell why and what you want to do. Ask for spreadsheet with seperate columns, listing the adress data that you need, such as city, street address, etc. I suspect that, these sites might not have street addresses, so you might need to ask for GPS coordinates.

If you don't get a response, go back to Item 1.

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Street Addressses versus Map Coordinates

Many companies with web sites have a Store Locator page that provides the addresses of individual locations. Some sites might even list all locations in a region or state. But this usually only provides the street addresses. In such instances, you have to copy and paste the addresses and then use a program like Google Earth or GPS Visualizer to get the map coordinates.

A cumbersome task, to be sure! But remember, the company probably had sound reasons (from their perspective) for presenting the information in the format they chose. And it likely wasn't so people could download he data into a GPS file.


I tried to look at

and could not get anything but a page that said
"Inquire about this domain"

that's because the actual website is:

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k6rtm wrote:

that's because the actual website is:

I got to see the locations. It's best viewed using Google Chrome. The map is kind of tricky to use.

Good information - thanks.

Good information - thanks.

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bulk address geocoding

In such instances, you have to copy and paste the addresses and then use a program like Google Earth or GPS Visualizer to get the map coordinates.

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I checked out the website and found getting info was easy.
I used Firefox and when opening the map you will at the left top see those three stripes. When putting your pointer over that red square up pops a find rigs and then below it is a list of the rigs either by operator, company or rig name.
I selected the first one AES 10 and it showed the location. When clicking on the red location dot up pops

Rig: AES 10
Rig Status: DRLG
Well Name: BRIAN 21X-15F
Well Operator: XTO ENERGY INC
Api: 33105037970000
Legal Loc.: NENW 15-158N-95W
County: WIL
Future Dest.:
Start Date: 10/19/2014
End Date:
Lat: 48.51651037
Lng: -102.94371146

With this info one can make the POI as simple as he/she wants to. It is all cut and paste.

It is all cut and paste.

Yes its all about cut and paste and i have tip for those who use winwows.

Ditto clipboard manager

This is a software i cant live without, it has a lot of settings and i have just learned a few of them i think that i need to be in control of.

After you have started ditto you can copy as many lines of information you need, after you paste them where you want them (in my case EPE)

Should you build a file with many poi where each poi should contain several lines of information Ditto is very effective.
Ditto with the tab key is a great combination and there is time to save.

I did this video a while ago and maybe it can explain better what i try to say. "kopiera" is swedish for Cut.

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I like this one

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So much that I added it as a link if Glossary of Terms and Links

Thanks almostbob

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I was stoked,
when I first travelled outside of Aus, and found it works everywhere that google maps has cover


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What is the Intended Purpose of the File?

Not surprisingly, the rig coordinates provided by appear to be for the actual rig or well location. If you are trying to create a POI file for navigation use with an automotive GPSr, you may get some erroneous results.

Often, there are no mapped and routable roads leading to these sites. It may be necessary to show the rig waypoint at the driveway or private road entrance to the site. Otherwise, the GPSr may not be able to create a navigable route.

In the case of well AES 10 chosen by Kurzemnieks, the listed coordinates put the well 1400' west of it's actual location and 1500' west of the driveway entrance according to Google Earth. A GPSr routing to these coordinates will erroneously instruct the driver to go south off 76th Street on a private road leading to a farm.

This is obviously not the best example but it illustrates the point. The driver would almost certainly see the well rig from 76th street but not all these sites will be visible from mapped roads. In this case, there is also a second well site nearby which adds confusion.

These concerns are only valid if the POI file is intended for navigation use.