DC Ticket Programs Mock Traffic Safety Concerns


Still think that red light cameras and speed cameras (and stop sign cameras and crosswalk cameras and box cameras) are on the Up and Up? It's all about saf---....money money money.

"The District often issues speeding tickets without conclusive identification of the violating vehicle” through its speed cameras....

"Abuses of the legitimate goals of safety enforcement are so widespread that readers of the report can only conclude that they are not the actions of a few poorly trained or under-performing individuals.

"The D.C. police department’s training manual for automatic enforcement “instructs reviewers to accept violations and issue tickets in certain instances where the type of vehicle captured in the [automated traffic enforcement] images does not comport with information obtained through [the D.C. police department's'] search of vehicle registration databases.” (The manual gives official endorsement to the motto “close enough for government work.”)

"If they wanted the revenue that badly, why didn’t they just open a couple of casinos? It would be difficult to further darken the predatory reputation of the gambling industry. But the people who drive, walk, bike and live in the District need to know that the odds are in their favor when they use the city streets.