Dollar General - all 8,000+ stores


I'm putting together a Dollar General POI file.

Should have it ready by this afternoon and it should include ALL 8,000+ locations. These guys open and close stores pretty constantly, though, so I'd appreciate updates here if someone runs into any locations that aren't open anymore after I post it, or any new locations that I may miss for some reason.


Fantastic sy2:) You get 3

Fantastic sy2:) You get 3 cheers from our kids;)

Miss Poi

My pleasure. I've already

My pleasure. I've already got the store list. The longest part of the process will be waiting for the geocoding wink

There are sure to be some old stores that are closed and some stores that the geocoding doesn't find, so it will probably send you to the center of the zip code for those locations. Any help on updating this as it goes will be much appreciated.

There's so many of these dang things!

I think Family Dollar will be next.

We usually have 3 different

We usually have 3 different shopping lists. One for costco, one for the grocery store and one for the dollar store. We use the dollar store as positive incentive for the kids. If they do yard work they get to go to the dollar store and buy anything they want. It is not ever store that you can set your kids free in and let them go hog wild with only 99 cents.

Miss Poi


Good lord this geocoding is taking a long time. GPSVisualizer slows down a lot after a few hundred stores.

This might push back to tomorrow morning as I'll probably have to leave it geocoding overnight. Just an FYI for anyone interested.


just wanted to let you know that you did a great job putting this information together, however you missed an important final step. Before you put the file up on the site it is best to run POI Verifier on it, which can be found in the faq section. It will find any and all duplicates and other problems with the file. I ran your file through poi verifier and found some locations that didn't get longitude latitude coordinates so poi verifier tries to delete them.

So run the file you gave me through verifier and it will show you which lines need further investigation.

You can always get volunteers to help you out, with 8,000 locations it is going to be a chore to find the ones the didn't get geocoded. You can send the file to others and have them take certain lines to make it an easier job.
Miss Poi

Sy2 ..

If you need any help.. Just yell.. I had some problems in the begining too and want to help anyone that needs it..

good job!!!! that must of too a long time to create!!

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How do you do that? I think

How do you do that? I think that is my next project. Creating POI I would like to contribute also.

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Miss POI- Yeah I knew that

Miss POI-

Yeah I knew that some of the lat/longs came back 0,0 - generally because of address typos. I just figured I'd make what I had available until the clean up process was done.

Thanks for the pointer, though! I'll be sure to use the POI verifier when the file is complete.

If anyone wants to help locate some of those 0,0 stores just send me a message with your e-mail and I'll shoot the file over. It would probably be best to split it up into states - that's how the list is organized right now.

I've been using a combination of Streets&Trips, google Geocode, and the DG store locater to ID typos and find the correct, or at least very close, coordinates.

Thurman - check out the

Thurman - check out the "Creating POI Files" forum here:

Lots of good info. The best way is to just open a POI file in excel and check it out. The format is very easy - you just need to split the data into 4 columns:

longitude / latitude / name / comments

I try to make the name column "StoreName-Town" so that when you pull the list up in your unit you'll see which store is closest and which town it's in. Then I put the full address and phone number in the comments section so anyone can get more details upon selecting a specific store.


Just an update:

I'm up to line 1793 correcting the addresses that aren't read by the Batch Geocoder.

Haven't had time to work on it the past month or so, but I should be able to continue now.

Did this one die?

I sure hope not. My wife is waiting with baited breath.

Perhaps I can help...

I dont' know if you're still working on this file, since I haven't seen it pop up anywhere, but I just started delivering to Dollar General, so I'll probably see more of them in a month than most folks see in a lifetime. I seriously doubt that the folks in the dispatch office have the coordinates for all the stores that are served by our particular distribution center, but we shall see.
Many thanks in advance.

Good Job!

Great work

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poi dollar general file

will you please let me know when you finish.
Thanks you this file it will be very helpful!!

Dollar General POI file

I downloaded the dolar general POI file, trying to convert to tomtomt 0v2 it kept coming up with errors in the POI file, if anyone can help it would most appreciated.


john cliffe, great britain.

dollar general poi

i can't find the dollar general list in the POI section. is there one updated?


dollar general

any update on this POI file and where is it?

Has this one suffered infant mortality

Was hoping to find a POI of Dollar General Stores and seems like it got off to a start and died. 8,000+ locations is a major undertaking. I know that the stores in my area move to better quarters now and then and this is a file that would need regular attention like the Walmart file does.

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I'll throw my hat in the ring

I've been working almost two 40 hour a week jobs since the first of the year, The Census Bureau, and as Finance Officer for the 4th largest Legion Post in MO, Post 312. A new Finance Officer was elected Mon. night, and my Census job is winding down. So, since I (my wife) have been wanting this POI file for a long time, if Miss POI, or the owner want me to, I will gladly take this project on.

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