Garmin Express does not run anymore


Today, I tried to open Garmin Express to update it but to my surprise it does not open any more on my Windows 7 laptop with the message "Garmin Express can not open because your internet connection is being blocked". I even disabled Norton firewall but no luck. ANyone else having any issues?

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Check garmin communicator

Go to this page to check Garmin Communicator -

This is a browser plugin that allows you to download from the Garmin site even though a web page is not open. The Communicator page will check your laptop and tell you whether Communicator is up to date. Also, you may have to click on "always trust content from Garmin."

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No it is not a Garmin

No it is not a Garmin Communicator issue. I did system restore and then previous version of Garmin Express worked. As soon as I updated it to latest version, I got same problem. It appears to be some issue with Microsoft visual C++2013 re-distributable file issue.

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Update windows 7

Make sure Windows 7 is fully updated. I am running Windows 7 x64 and my policy is to keep it fully updated. I am running Norton 360 with the firewall on at all times. There has never been a problem running or updating Garmin Express. I have never had to do separate downloads of C++ or .net framework.

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Garmin Knowledge Base

This may not be the issue but for your info here it is -
How do I correct the Unable to connect with Garmin Services error message in Garmin Express?

The error message "Unable to connect with Garmin services" can be caused by a few issues.

Internet Security/Firewall

Security programs can affect the communication between a computer and the update servers. It may be necessary to disable any and all security programs to allow Express to communicate. Refer to the instructions provided by the application manufacturer to disable any security programs installed to the computer.

Garmin Core Update Service is stopped/disabled

The Garmin Core Update Service is required for Garmin Express to function. The computer or a program may have disabled this service from running. If the service was stopped, it will need to be restarted:

Windows Vista/7/8

Hold down the Control + Alt + Delete keys
Click Start Task Manager
Click the Services tab
Locate the Garmin Core Update Service
Ensure the service is started
Windows XP

Hold down the Windows key + R
Type: services.msc
Locate the Garmin Core Update Service
Ensure the service is started
Garmin Express should be able to look for available updates now.

Last modified on: 03/11/2014
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Garmin Express "Internet connection is being blocked" error

This issue was discussed at length over on the Garmin software forum in this thread:

For a possible solution, look at the post by EXPRESSCUSTOMERCARE on page 3 of the thread. Hope this helps.

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Thanks all for your

Thanks all for your suggestions. I think I had soem Trojans on my laptop. I tried everything but nothing worked. Finally, I had to re-do my laptop. Now finally, I am able to run Garmin Express.

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I would

I would re-download the software again.

I tried re-downloading it

I tried re-downloading it many times. Eventually, I had to re-image my laptop to resolve the issue

Iphone XR, Drivesmart 61,Nuvicam, Nuvi3597