Factory Reset on Garmin 3597


I am never successful in doing factory reset on Garmin 3597 by holding the bottom right corner while booting the device. But I have found another method to reset it.
I always end up going into Developer mode and then erasing User Data. It does the same thing. I will appreciate your feedback.

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Erasing User Data from the Diagnostic Page is also available in many other newer Nuvi models, including my 3790.

For anyone that doesn't know how to access the Diagnostic Page:

- from the map screen press the speed icon
- on the "speedo" screen press the compass heading indicator within the speedometer for 5+ seconds
- the Diagnostics Screen will open and "Clear all user data" is the first entry on the page.
- tap the entry and tap Yes to confirm you want to erase all your user data.

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