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I'm wondering if my 2597 is retarded or are the maps screwed up. I was on the east side of Beloit, WI just west of I-90 on I-43 and entered an address in Lake Geneva, WI to go to. It calculated the route and wanted me to take the on ramp to I-90 south bound then apparently exit and come back North on I-90 and take the on ramp to I-43 going towards Lake Geneva which was maybe a hundred yards from where I was.

I didn't zoom out to see where I was supposed to exit because I was moving, but the next exit I know is the first exit in IL about two or three miles south. It also screwed up on the routing to the street in Lake Geneva, I just entered the street name and it gave me a list of choices for Ave or street. I chose street and away we went, but when I got to Lake Geneva I knew it was routing me wrong because I had a pretty good idea where the street was. I stopped the route, reentered the address, and it took me the opposite direction from the original route to the address. Really strange.

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A thought

Your nuvi is way newer than anything I've used, so take all I say with a grain of salt.

I see that the 2597 has both myTrends and trafficTrends:

myTrends™ (predicts your routes)

trafficTrends™ (calculates routes based on predicted traffic flow)

It may be worth looking at the routes with one or both disabled.

As for all nuvis--and I'm sure you've checked this already--check your Avoidances and see if some avoidance could be causing the issue.

Regarding odd routings, about all I've come across with my nuvi 2460 with the 2014.40 map is that it really will try to avoid making a left turn at times and will route me extensively out of my way to avoid some specific left turns--yet if I ignore the suggested route and proceed to where my left turn is needed, it goes ahead and tells me to turn left. Then, too, I do have myTrends enabled and maybe my left turns are from that.


Just a thought but you can also try a hard reset to see if that helps any.

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