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Long time viewer but first post. I bought a nuvi 2757, love the unit but I am having some sound problems. I can load custom POI files and they show on the list of poi's but when driving there is no sound. Went through the poi loader and set the distance, have all the files named the same. I should say I have done this on my nuvi 765t. My question is what sound files work in the 2757. One thing I should add is I tried .wav files and they won't load. Also can't change the voice on the normal driving directions. Sorry for the long question.

Voice alerts

You need wav files and sox.exe installed. See http://www.poi-factory.com/node/25730

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Thanks. Didn't know about the Sox.exe. I'll check it out. Thanks again.

more sound

Now that the poi sound was solved, thanks. I need to expand on my part two. On my 765 I would load the voice file into TTSVoice editor and change what ever I wanted to. Now with the nuvi 2757, when I try TTSVoice it won't open the file states wrong file. So I tried NonTTS and it tells me it's a TTS file use the TTSVoice editor. What is the real method to change the phrases in the 2757. Do I have to download something else. Thanks again.

Not for "Real Voice"

TTS Editor won't work on the new "Real Voice" files found in the newest units. The file is significatly larger than the older TTS files and is part of the 2013 line. I believe you can still use some of the older versions, but don't hold me to that.

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More Voice Files

Spitzer wrote:

Also can't change the voice on the normal driving directions.

I believe some of the newer units DO NOT include all available voice files when receiving a new unit.

Use WebUpdater and select whatever voices you want to add to your Nuvi. I would not suggest adding voices you will never use as not to waste space on the unit. Make sure whatever voice you want to use as your default it is a TTS voice.

If using American English check and make sure in your settings that the three categories match as listed below.
Voice Language = American English-Jill (or whatever TTS Vouice you choose)
Text Language = American English
Keyboard Language = American English

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