New Google Maps - rubbish?



I've tried twice now to work out how to use the new Google Maps to create POIs for my GPS. I am not getting anywhere. The simple right-click/"What's here" action to get the Lat Lon have disappeared all together.

Nor can I work out how to add new POIs.

So I am sticking with the old Google Maps for now.

Can anyone recommend a good/better alternative? I do like ACME maps a lot, but maybe there are others.

Works For Me

Just tried it and it works just like it always has.

Windows XP and IE 8.

Maybe you changed something or you have Win 8 and IE 10?

Edit: I see, what NEW Google maps?

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It worked for me.

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New Google Maps

I know what you mean. There is stuff to learn and stuff that just isn't there...

I can not find a way to send waypoints to my Nuvi on the New Google Maps. I also have not found a way to get the coordinates on from the map.

Does anyone know how to do this on the New Google Map?

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