Creating POI Images


I found a great source for POI images.
If you have Google Earth go into the
install folder located at
" C:\Program Files\Google Earth "
and find the file labeled " res "
Within that file you will find several
other files labeled pal2, pal3, pal4, pal5.
Each one of these folders contains images
that you can use for poi symbols. just copy or
drag & drop the image into your poi folder.
Remember Your Image must be named the same
as your csv file so you will have to rename
the image. Also these files are .png files so
you will also have to change the extension to

PS. If you would like to view them all as
Thumbnails so you can see the images without
having to click and open each one, go up to
VIEW at the top of your window and put the
black dot beside thumbnail.....

Enjoy your new poi symbols !!!!!!!!!!!!


So, Lets say I want a Home

So, Lets say I want a Home Depot image to appear on my Garmin display for the Home Depot POI file. All I need to do is

1. Create a small .bmp file of the Home Depot logo.

2. Name it tha same as the Home Depot POI file.

3. Store it in the POI directory?


One little thing

Oh, the .bmp must be 16bit....... Put it in the POI directory where the POI loader reads from.

That's correct, your .bmp

That's correct, your .bmp images will need to be in the same directory as your poi's. Also, as stated you will need to name them the same name as the poi file.

I resize mine to 22 x 22 and they look very nice on the screen.



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doesn't work for me

I can use .bmp's that other people have made, but my unit doesn't like the ones I make. So, I'm obviously doing something wrong. I import the image I want into paint and save it as a 16 bit bitmap after resizing (tried different sizes).

Is there something better than paint that is free?

EDIT: nevermind I just found out that it must be square... oh and it doesn't have to be 16 bit, it can be 256!

nuvi 350

racqy nuvi 350


Hey Thanks , this really works well