This is very interesting to me, but I am a little confused. I use the Garmin NUVI 360. When I go to E:\Garmin\poi, there is only one file and it is 15KB (very small). I have recently downloaded and installed over 2000 new POI's. Where are they stored?


POIs take very little space, but 15KB seems too small for 2000 POIs. Nuvi can read POIs from SD card, and they can also be stored in built-in memory.

Here are a few things to check:

1) Did you load them all at once? (if not, the last file you transfer deletes and overwrites the older file)

2) Are some loaded inside the GPS while others still remain on SD card?

More info on loading multiple POI files with POI Loader on this page:

Loading multiple POI files with POI Loader


Thanks for the info. Not

Thanks for the info. Not sure why they did not take before. I reloaded and the file is over 5 meg. I am catching on...