Prefer non- powered mount for 2450


neutral My 2450 uses the powered mount. It is a hassle to get the plug to fit into the mount, because Garmin did not designed a tapered slot in the mount. I have to remove the plug each and every time to store the cable in my case. Is there a cable that will work that instead fits into the small connector at the bottom of the 2450 from a cigarette lighter? (I'll use the powered mount as an unpowered mount.)

Gotta travel on ... with my nuvi 2450LM.

Try a mini USB (female) to micro USB (male) cable

A mini USB (female) to micro USB(male) cable could work for you.

You might lose the automatic off feature when external power is lost though. That would be a pain. Give it a try.

Wrap the cable around the base

I have the 2450 and I agree it can be a real pain to plug in the power connector.

Once it is plugged in, I wrap the cable around the base so it doesn't come unplugged. Haven't had any trouble since.

Hope this helps.

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