Garmin Express Flaw


I have discovered that POI Factory cannot be used IF you are using Garmin Express. When you plug the Device into your Co9mputer, it will automatically go to Express and you can't get to POI Factory. I can't find a way to Disable Express so I can use POI Factory, other than Zapping the Express altogether, anyone have any Ideas?

Don Duke aka Joe Casino

On my mac’s I just go to

On my mac’s I just go to the top bar and quit garmin express.

Garmin Express

Wish I could. When I am plugged in to my Device. I don't have a BAR to go to. The only thing I can see on the Device Screen is the Connection View. The Device will not and cannot be activated when you are connected to Garmin Exoress

Don Duke aka Joe Casino

Look at this

Here is a thread that will give you several ways to deal with GE. I like Autoruns because it tells me so much about what is active on my machine. Microsoft thought that the authors of Autoruns were good enough to have bought their company.

Reading through the thread, you will find that there are several who just would rather use MSCONFIG.

Either way, you can have GE loaded - but disabled.