Where to stick file.


I downloaded my file for poiloader and saved it in a file named the same. then downloaded the weightstations poi file. where do i put it in my garmin nuvi 350? Im new 2 this would like to learn more. thnks, matt


Take a look at this thread ...

from the Getting Started tab at the top of the page.


im an idiot about this i think.

I down loaded the poi loader an saved it. it is on my desktop. When I downloaded the poi .csv files they save in excel csv format. then i copy to the poiloader then plug in my nuvi I put the files i have in the poiloader where? I went to the my cpu and pulled up the nuvi an just copied the files in there. dunno what i did wrong...or how to find out if i did it correct. thnksalot


Take a look at the steps and follow each one

Basic steps for loading POI files are as follows:

* download POI loader from Garmin's web site (you did this already)
* install POI loader on your computer (I'm guessing that you've done this. But if you haven't be sure you install the program.)

* place the .CSV file(s) inside to a new directory on your computer
* connect your GPS to your computer

I think you are missing these steps.

* start the POI Loader program
* select the directory that contains the .CSV file(s)
* follow the on-screen prompts, and POI Loader will transfer the locations to your GPS

i think....

i am not getting any on-screen prompts is this the right file poiloader_241.exe? Also i don't have excel full version just a trial could this be the prob?



Excel isn't the problem.

Did you run that exe file to install POI Loader?

If so and POI Loader is installed properly on your PC, take a look at the last post in this thread and see if that helps.



POI Loader "should" be in a "Garmin" Folder in All
Programs on your computer after you run exe file !

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There we go!!!

I could have used that piece awhile ago....figured it out late last night. Just put the nose to the grindstone and " got er done" I love this site! thnks for the help guys!