Europe 2013.40


Latest maps are ready for download, however, I had problems downloading and spent most of Saturday re-trying many times to complete the download. Kept coming back to find blank screen and an error message stating the disc (Garmin) was not ejected correctly shown when reactivating the display. Eventually I resorted to setting computer and display sleep to "Never" within energy saver. Then it worked! Coincidence? Perhaps. I wonder if the seemingly repeated halts in the blue bar progressing is to do with the Garmin server sharing block times between downloaders instead of multiplexing. In that case the Mac may well sense inactivity and shutdown/go to sleep thus dropping the connection, I'll see next time there's an update.

Flaky OS, server, etc. is the norm for long download

The new European Map is larger than ever so it takes time.

It is always a good idea to suspend any "sleep" settings for long downloads, whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer. Your IP provider may also be mishandling these on occasion. If the software was written correctly, it shouldn't matter but unfortunately, these pieces of software are often flaky.

Sleep preventers

I know I've had that worry for ages. Am currently using a Seven machine (as I've yet to find an app that will run on my Ubuntu machine), so I have two working when I do my upgrades.

First one is called Caffeine and you can get it here

Second one is called Insomnia, and simulates keyboard activity. Sometimes even Caffeine wasn't enough to prevent my PC from taking a nap, which is slightly less obvious than going to "sleep". Here's the URL to catch it

Hope this'll help - and if we ever get our Map Updates "ported" to the Linux world, do let me know so I can ditch this machine (just kidding, this is a "work" laptop)

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It's a large file... it would not fit on my 775t any longer.

Have to put it on a memory card.

PC sleep-overs

Thanks for that. I tend to use Mac for nearly everything but I do have a PC netbook for FiatEcuScan, ePer ( Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia) and a few other uses where the Mac doesn't work. I also use the netbook on rare occasions for Garmin downloader so Caffeine is something I'll have a look at.