Large JCV file for CN NA 2013.40


I posted this in the map update thread, but thought it might deserve it's own thread:

A user over on the Garmin Software forums is reporting that Garmin is again posting the Large JCV file on their site. Here is the post: and here is the download link:

I criticized Garmin and posted a "shame on Garmin" comment during the last map update because they failed to make the large JCV file available to their loyal customers. If they have reversed this decision, my hat's off to them for once again doing the right thing.

Note: just downloaded this as a test and compared it to the file I got with my 755T map update. Same file! Thanks Garmin!

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Download and substitute the large one

Not2Bright wrote:
alandb wrote:

for lane guidance. The large JCV file referenced in this thread applies primarily to the 7x5 and 8x5 series nuvi (and maybe 14xx?).

My D3153090A.JCV file is 25.137 MB on nuvi 855.

Ugh, this means your views will not be photorealistic and most likely, you're missing many many junction views. I can confirm your results since that's what my 855 received with this map update as well.

The large 750MB-ish jcv file can be downloaded directly from Garmin to your computer and works great on nuvi 855s. Then get a SD card to fit in your 855, create a \garmin\jcv folder on the SD card and copy the large D3060090A.JCV file there. Now either delete or rename the nuvi's D3153090A.JCV to something like D3153090A.JCV.disabled.

Fire up the nuvi and take it for a drive or simulate a route that includes an interstate highway exit and compare the great junction view you have now to the poorer quality (or non-existent) junction view that was given to you earlier.

Note that all jcv files are linked to specific maps so when you perform your next map update in three months or so, you'll need to find, download and copy the large jcv file designed to work with the new map.