Don Duke aka Joe Casino

Not necessarily. You still need common sense!

donz1943 wrote:

Drive careful in the Blizzard and allow your GPS to be your Guiding Beacon

Nuvi 2460LMT.

Better not to drive in a blizzard

Seeing as blizzards can lead to whiteouts, probably best to stay at home if possible when the blizzard hits...

Now, assuming you are somehow essential personnel somewhere and can't get a blizzard day from work, make sure your car is prepared for winter travel, DO NOT attempt to drive during whiteout conditions, and keep a winter survival kit in your car (including shovel, some simple energy foods, candles or other source of warmth and light, and emergency blankets). If at all possible, also keep a cellphone, CB radio, and/or amateur radio (the last one obviously only if you are a licensed amateur) in your car to call for help if you get stuck.

Also, many areas either have or still are keeping restrictions on travel in what amounts to a de facto curfew--so if you don't want a ticket, keep comfy at home. grin

GPS usage during a blizzard, frankly, is on the low end of the scale to worry about grin