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Anyone have comments on Google Maps for navigation? Haven't tried it yet. I've seen articles that indicate it has some drawbacks, like 1) Contacts file not accessible, and 2) serious turn-by-turn errors--like Apple's Maps.

Good to see we now have a choice though!

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As in Google Maps on iOS?

Yeah, I tried it for a brief trip. Unimpressed. I'll go with my Nuvi765t first, then Navigon or iOS6 Maps app next... and Google Maps if the above are not available for some reason.

The routes Google Maps suggested for a short in-town trip were a bit ridiculous compared to routes to/from the same destination on other devices/apps. Search Google Maps for "fuel" - you get one set of results... search "gas stations" and get an different list.

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Yes, as in iOS

I certainly prefer my Garmin to either Google or Apple Maps, but sometime I use my iPhone to check distances and potential routes. Just wondering which of the two apps are preferred by Factory members using iOS. kch50428, your comments are consistent with what I've read.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no--

I rely on my Nuvi for a lot of things -- an accurate speedometer is one. Maps all the time, even if there's no cell coverage. POIs without needing cell coverage (or chewing up cell time, or having to pull over and enter a search).

The iPhone comes in particularly handy in a couple of instances--

Unexpected traffic? Check on Waze to see what's going on around me. Oh, *that* bad? Zoom out a few steps on the Nuvi and see what routes I can take to get around the mess.

Off-site meetings with clients -- since I have the whole thing (name, time, address) in the calendar, I just have to tap on the address in the calendar entry and the iPhone brings it up on a map, and with another tap or two it will show me routes that I might want to take, or might not, depending. Usually I know the local traffic patterns better than the phone does...

Pick the tool that fits the job, and don't try and force one to do something it wasn't designed for. I don't use a framing hammer for trim and finish work.

For me, using my iPhone for end-to-end nav is like doing framing work with a finishing hammer -- yes, you can get the job done, but it's a lot easier with a tool that was designed for the job. The Nuvi has a larger screen (uncluttered with other stuff), and I have it mounted where it's easy to use.

PLEASE -- if you have to hit more than two things on the screen, pull over or wait until you're stopped and can do it safely! Some times I have to remind myself -- I don't want to be one of the idiots I read about!

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Only As A Backup

I use my Garmin for roadtrips. When I don't have it with me I occasionally use the maps on my iPhone. So far I haven't had any issues, I downloaded the latest Google Maps app for additional backup if needed. I haven't experienced any issues with the Apple maps but I don't look for 3D landmarks and I don't use public transit;)

-- where the heck am I?

My Garmin is always in my

My Garmin is always in my car.

I have tried Google maps on my wife's iphone and on my android and I found it to be as good as the Garmin directions.

A word for the wise; use your NAV system in your home town everyday so you can see how it directs you to destinations that you are familiar with. Since it's your home town you should know your way around. The lesson is that if you know how it behaves in your home town you should know how it's going to direct you once you go to a totally unfamiliar place.

If you Use Your Phone

If you use your phone for a GPS there is no comparison.... Google maps are by far the best. I don't blame google if they didn't make it as good for the Iphone as on their Android devices... I use google maps on my Android phone all the time and it works great. My son has the IPhone 5 and has experienced many problems with the Apple maps....

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