$115 for Garmin nüvi 50LM 5-Inch GPS with Lifetime Maps


One thing to note

•Manufacturer part number: 010-00991-21, lower 48 states

Note that this is for the Lower 48 States model, not the $10 (MSRP) more expensive US/Canada version:

nüvi 50LM, U.S. and Canada, 010-00991-20

For $4.99 more, with free S&H, Amazon is selling the US/Canada version:



Agree ... go with the LM50

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go with Amazon -- quickly

If you're in California, Amazon starts collecting sales tax the middle of this month.

(yes, you're supposed to declare out-of-state purchases on your state income tax, and pay on those, but I highy suspect not many people do...)

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Not in this lifetime

Not in this lifetime

No Freakin way! (declare out-of-state purchases on your state income tax)


Costco.com has a $20 discount on this until 12/16 so you can get it for $99.99 with lifetime maps.

Garmin for less

Costco has it for 99. plus free shipping

Copywriter Humor

Frside007 wrote:

Groupon Deal....

I think they have a sense of humor on the copywriter staff. Check this quote:

Literally speaking to drivers, the device gives turn-by-turn directions such as “slight left onto Main Street” or “turn right in 11 million inches.”

11 million inches? grin