Keeping the Windmill Alive - Your last trip? - September 2012


In danger of losing your windmill?

Maybe you can share with us the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you use it to seek out special places to go (like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.) Anything to keep your windmill alive.

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Local on the bike

Just did a short hop on the Harley before the rain arrives for the weekend.

Used the zumo 665 weather radar to watch the edge of the rain approaching chasing me back home.

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Back Roads

I'll be taking 200+ miles of back roads tomorrow, from Clovis, New Mexico to Los Lunas, New Mexico. Might take the back roads BACK to Clovis, depends how the time runs.

KD5XB in DM84

Last Trip

A month ago, drove from Indiana to Salt Lake City on I-80. Returned to Indiana via Yellowstone, Little Bighorn, Devils Tower, Sturgis, Mt Rushmore and De Smet SD. Used my new Nuvi 40 to guide the way. Great trip!

Spending Labor Day weekend

in DC. Traffic is hell. Just heard on local TV, they're talking about putting cameras @ stop signs.

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Price of Gas

With the price of gas, many of us can't travel far. We still use the GPS for local driving around the Phoenix area.


"Internet: As Yogi Berra would say, "Don't believe 90% of what you read, and verify the other half."

Myrtle Beach to Brooklyn

Left Saturday morning @11:30 am, made it to Brooklyn @ 10:30 pm. I95 most of the way. NO TRAFFIC AT ALL, WOW.

Woodstock Fair, Woodstock CT

always Labor Day Weekend! grin

non-native nutmegger

Chicago here I come

A quick 3 day trip and we will get to see our Aunt and Uncle and various cousins. should be a great trip. Better than going to Charlotte this week.

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT

We left on Friday to enjoy

We left on Friday to enjoy the RibFest activities in Sparks, Nevada. It normally takes about 4 hours but the Labor Day traffic and rush hour traffic made it a 6 hour ordeal. Anyway we got there and were told that the expected attendance this year is 200,000 visitors to the RibFest. We hope everyone will be enjoying Labor Day tomorrow.

My Last Trip Was...

Washington, DC to Canton, OH.

RKF (Bethesda, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

Motorcycle Ride

Did a motorcycle labor day ride that ended with a pig roast! Nice day!!

From Kalamazoo to Celina

This past week, we travelled from Kalamazoo, MI to Celina, OH.

David Cross Garmin Overlander Day after day as I try to remember, I find my forgetter working better and better.

DC area to Williamsburg

This past week went to visit my Dad in Williamsburg.

Disney World here we come!

Disney World here we come! This will be the 45th trip for this guy. My favorite place to go.




Last Trip

Grand-daughters to the American Girl Baby Doll Store at Tyson's Corner, VA. NO recession going on in THAT Mall for sure!!

nuvi' 2450

The House of Prime Rib, 1906

The House of Prime Rib, 1906 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco.

BEEF BEEF and more BEEF. Sorry Michelle.

Great Long Weekend

Great Long Weekend

Thanx BiLL Solomon

Weekend Drive

Took a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC on Saturday.

The Moose Is Loose! nuvi 760

So far a quiet September...

just local trips. Might have a 2600 mile ride come the end of the month smile

PA to TX

Just moved my wife out to TX last week, using the Garmin in the moving truck with the car towing behind. Very nice to know what exit ramps, etc are coming up when driving a larger vehicle like that.


Monroe Michigan!

Labor Day Weekend

went from Lubbock, TX to West, TX. Headed out on US 84 to Abilene and then continued on through Brownwood to Waco.

Coming home from Waco we needed to stop back in West to pick up some baked goods ( Gerik's Bakery is a must for kolaches ) and then continued on I35 north to Fort Worth catching I20 West to Abilene then North on 84 home.

GPS worked fine getting us around the city of Waco and on the Farm to Market roads between Waco and West.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Went to Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland and picked up a few new things....

getround - Nuvi 750 - Nuvi 3597LMTHD

Last trip



Not Yet

Haven't gone yet but will be going to the Poconos for a 3 day golf trip next week. There may also be some card playing involved.

Bob: My toys: Nüvi 1390T, Droid X2, Nook Color (rooted), Motorola Xoom, Kindle 2, a Yo-Yo and a Slinky. Gotta have toys.

keep the wind blowing.....

was in Canada this week. Glad to be back.


Last weekend... VT to Ogunquit ME and back

This weekend... VT to Ottawa ON and back


Went on a long trip to Michigan,Ohio,and Indiana.


Get it done

I need to get the windmill alive. Just don't seem to come around enough.

Last trip

Next trip is from Phoenix to Rapid City SD.


Trip to Purchase Car

Went to Hagerstown Maryland to purchase a car

San Jose to Carmel

Lovely trip to one of my favorite places on the Monterey Peninsula

Nuvi 2598 LMT Nuvi 3597 LMT

Keeping it Alive

But, nothing really on mind!!

Thanx BiLL Solomon

Took A Drive from.....

Pasadena, MD to Philadelphia, PA.

RKF (Bethesda, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot

keeping the wind blowing....

it's not really windy out there......

Will Be Looking

At new cars today. I only hope that I can afford one.

3790LMT; 2595LMT; 3590LMT, 60LMTHD

GPS want's to send me through NJ..

I was at the Verazzano bridge NY (Staten Island side)and the GPS wanted to send me to NJ then through Manhattan to get to LI. The belt pkwy is right on the other side of the bridge.. What's up with that..

Cross Country Trip

Hit the following:

T. Roosevelt NP in North Dakota

Beartooth Highway

Northern Yellowstone

Glacier National Park

Wild Fires in Oregon

Crater Lake NP

Yosemite NP

Sequoia and Kings National Park

Los Angeles

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon North Rim

Petrified Forest

GPSMAP64s, iPhone 12, Yaesu VX-8R w/GPS.

Northern Michigan

We are currently traveling in the Michigan Upper Peninsular. Nice weather, not too hot or cold. The Garmin is doing a fine job providing directions.

September Visit

We plan to drive up north again to Dublin to see our granddaughter.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

Illiterate? Write for free help.

MD to RI and Return

Took a 400-mile trip to RI this past weekend. Nuvi setting was for fastest route. It had me taking numerous back roads at each end of the trip. I used preprinted Google directions where the two differed. Google seemed to make more sense in its choices.

And the Nuvi directed route back was different than the the route there.

Glad to have the Nuvi anyway. It gives a good ETA and watches out for exits and turns.

Tuckahoe Mike - Nuvi 3490LMT, Nuvi 260W, iPhone X, Mazda MX-5 Nav

There all the time

Box Car wrote:

Daytona Beach

Or very close by - 4 miles away

MrKenFL- "Money can't buy you happiness .. But it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery." NUVI 260, Nuvi 1490LMT & Nuvi 2595LMT all with 2014.4 maps !


running errands with the GPS. Old map, but still efficient.

Garmin Nüvi 265W

Hi..not a big trip... FL to

Hi..not a big trip... FL to NC on 9/4... Returning to FL later this week..

Often use it around town. Just so I can create a trip file... In case someone says you were up here on Main St and you can show you were nowhere near there with your track file/log.. smile

Thank You Happy & Safe Travels PJGMIG Nuvi 2598LMTHD

Last Trip?

Sacramento to San Francisco to Dublin to Sacramento this week end. GPSr had trouble in the city around tall buildings - lots of "Recalculating" going on - otherwise no problems. Good thing I'm familiar with the city.

2:30 Wake up, 6:00 AM Flight

I've been invited to join my 4 year old grand daughter on her Make-A-Wish trip to Disney. Where else would a little girl who plays dress up as a princess everyday go?

I'll carry the zumo 665 with me to get around but the pilot will do the majority of the navigation on this trip. I hope he updated his POIs! laugh out loud

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Where else

but to the little boys room.

Ugh...another slow week

with just local trips. On the bright side...we are planning a motorcycle ride to San Antonio to visit friends and return back through Albuquerque for hot air balloon festival smile

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