anyone have any cool map60csx tricks or tips


Hello again,
Does anyone have any cool tricks,tips, websites, etc. for the Garmin map60CSX?


I have the 76CX which is comparable...

...and the best trick is to upload some extra maps to the unit. I use the topos, which have enough info about water for my needs (kayaking), as well giving me topo maps for hiking.

You can then get great downloads off your unit, showing the trails you've taken. And you can upload routes with good details, to have more usability out of the GPS. I've printed out both kinds of maps (uploaded and downloaded) and shown them to my non-GPS using friends, and their eyes bug out.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

anyone have any

cool, where do you find your maps ?



This is the definite site for tips and tricks.