First Trip with the Garmin 7200


Well, I'm recently returned from a week long camping trip to Illinois. My first trip with the Garmin 7200 and City Navigator NT.

While I'm greatly impressed with the 7200, I'm less so with the NT data. Many times while searching for businesses (mostly book stores) it put me in the middle of subdivisions or industrial parks. I don't know what it was thinking when I tried to find a county park. While in Mattoon, it repeatedly tried to send me the wrong way on one way streets. I can't recall ever having a problem with the City Navigator data in my Street Pilot III.

A reminder once again that these guidance programs don't relieve us of the obligation to pay attention to where we're going.

On the whole, though, I'm a happy camper(!). I didn't go near any red light cameras but I was tempted to run by the "Stiffy the Bulldog Statue" from the unusual tourist attractions POI file, but instead was distracted by a good book.


Inconsistencies with City Navigator NT

I agree with the assessment of City Navigator NT. Most of the time I look up addresses on Google on my smart phone then plug them into my Garmin to locate. This works well for me.

How is it mounted?

I almost got the 7200 but got the 2820 instead because I was worried about how to mount the thing. What did you use?

Two Mounts

I have an early version of the Street Pilot III and I have the left over Ram mount and 4" suction cup. It works well for the 7200 as well, but since I now drive a pick up truck and the windshield is a little far away I made a wooden insert that fits in the coin tray on the dash. I bought a screw in mount and reused the arm. Easier to reach and very stable.