what diffeent between garmin c320 and C330


i want to know what diffeent between garmin c320 and C330, i only know c320 not harddrive but c330 have it but how many GB by the way c330 can use other chinese too ???

I'm first time to use GPS, I don't know about that, so you guys have any file can share???

David, The best reference


The best reference I have found about the C320 including comparaisons with the C330 is at this site:


This will surely help you in your decision as well as introduce you to what GPS are able to do.

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- Pierre

320 v 330

320 uses dvd to download software while 330 is all ready loaded with N American streets. 320 is a dicontinued model you can load one state or whole DB to save space on HD. 320 probably cheaper if you can find it. Works same as 330 once software is manually loaded.


go for c550 or c580