GTMxx Update?


For the first time, I hooked one of my Garmin units up to my PC and ran Garmin's "Webupdater" (I usually save the updates to my PC and install them manually, call me old fashioned).
When I hooked the nuvi 660 up, I was told that my software was the latest version, so I clicked on the
"Proceed to check for additional updates....."
From the next screen, there was an option to check for "Firmware update to GTMxx Traffic Receiver". Not knowing what this did, naturally I checked the box and hit "next". My question is this: what exactly did the update do? I can't find out anyting about it on Garmin's site.


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I believe the updcate is for

I believe the updcate is for the external USB antenna for receiving the traffic updates.
If you plug a traffic receiver in, you will see it go through an update process. Until then, the nuvi will keep it in the file system.

you updated the traffic feature

I did it too...even though I live in the boonies, and don't have traffic service available less than a 2 hour drive away, and I'll never use it...

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Ok, I feel stupid now

So I ran the update again to look at something and noticed when you check the GTMxx update box, the following info is displayed on the screen:

Changes from version 4.00 to version 4.10:
Fix alternate FM station handover problem in U.K.
Changes from version 3.90 to version 4.00:
Fix service provider lock in UK.
Improve acquisition time in U.S.
Changes from version 3.70 to version 3.90:
Improved Alternate Frequency (AF) processing.
Improved station acquisition time.
Improved FM table handler regarding overwrites of oldest stations.
Changes from version 3.60 to version 3.70:
Add fix for frequent traffic queue purging in Germany
When powering-up, automatically tune to last station tuned
Add FM table memory log to autopurge oldest station entry
Add support for Nuvi 6xx FM scan
Changes from version 3.50 to version 3.60:
Corrected problem with linked TMC message displays.
Increased FM memory table to 12 TMC stations.
Added support for alternate American TMC providers.
Changes from version 3.40 to version 3.50:
Improve receiver sensitivity

So, it was right there in front of me the whole time, d'oh.


Garmin nuvi 660 Garmin GPSMAP60CS HTC Touch Pro (ATT Fuze) with internal GPS You can't spell gEEk without an EE :)