Can't read all of my POIs


have downloaded about 12 POI files. I loaded them properly with the POI loader and after each load I can only access the last POIs that I loaded when I go to My Locations, Custom POIs. Am I doing something wrong. Oh by the way I'm using my new Nuvi 360. I loaded red light cameras and then PF Chang restaurants. I can only read PF Chang. HELP!


Can't read all my POI's

Every time you use the POI loader, I believe you'll find that it erases previous POI's and uploads the ones you are pointed to in your directory. In other words, you have to load ALL previous POI's as well as any new ones. Hope this is the answer you're looking for. I'm still new to this, so others will correct me if I'm wrong. There's plenty of knowledgeable folks using this forum.


That looks like exactly the answer I needed. It now makes sense. I loaded about 12 POI folders and could'nt understand why I coundn't access them...thanks a million



You can load more than one POI

If you have a GPS that can be accessed as a hard drive on your computer, you can use a little trickery to load more than one POI file.

After loading a POI, look in the nuvi drive, go to the \Gramin\POI folder and you'll see a file called poi.gpi. You can rename this something like flyingJ.gpi. Now you can load another POI file and rename it, keeping the .gpi extension.

I don't know if there is a limit to the number of files; but I'm pushing 20 with no problems.


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