Splitting maps between SD card and Garmin


I've searched for days and maybe I'm just not searching on the right things. But I'm thinking there has to be a simple write-up on how to download a new map and split it between card and internal.

After the 2012.40 map install I had about 1MB left. I know I can clear some stuff off and free up maybe 100MB, but if the 2012.20 - 2012.40 increase of over 60MB holds up - I'd say 2 more new maps and it just plain won't fit no matter what I clear off.

So, in preparation for that, I'm trying to get the procedure down for putting Canada and Puerto Rico, etc. on the card and all else on the Garmin. I have MapSource and BaseCamp installed and lifetime map upgrades. I have a general idea of what I need to do, but not the details.

P.S. I'm just hoping that Garmin doesn't decide to send the 1490 a "lite" version of the map with less detail and POI's so it will fit like they did with the JCV file.

Updated 1490 to 2012.40 with map split on SD card

When I updated my 1490 from 2012.30 to 2012.40 I had added an 8 GB micro SD card and using Webupdater option 2 it asked me if I wanted to split the map between the Garmin and the SD. I responded yes and loaded the full USA map. I also manually loaded the large JCV file (775MB) onto the SD. I have been using this version with the large JCV file for over a month with no problems.

Cool - anyone know if the

Cool - anyone know if the lifetime map updater gives you the same options?

I didn't see them but then again at the time I didn't have an SD card.

The lifetime map updater is

The lifetime map updater is very buggy. Don't use it and use the "option 2" updater Garmin offers instead. To actually answer your question it should have the same options.

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I gave the full .40 fits on

I have the full .40 fits on nuvi 350. Doubt yours has less space.

True - the .40 fits. But

True - the .40 fits. But even deleting everything I can leaves around 100 MB - 150 MB tops. That's maybe 2 more versions of the map before it won't fit.

Just trying to get ready! smile