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I just bought a used Garmin Nuvi 350. I suspect that it has never even been connected to a computer because the mapping software was pretty out of date. Anyway, this morning I checked and I am eligible for a free map update! I was going to wait a few days, since I think we will have City Navigator North America 2013.10 released later this week, but I figured I will probably end up buying the Lifetime Map Updates anyway at some point, so why not update now and buy the updates later.

Refresh my memory on what other things I can do with this unit. So far I have thought of the following:

-Add a micro SD card. Does anybody recall the maximum size I can add to this unit? The manual lists 2 GB. Is that correct?

-Add Custom POIs.

-Isn't the system for the GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver gone out of business?

-It does not look like I will need to add an external GPS antenna, since this seems pretty sensitive with its existing antenna.

-Add MP3s.

-Add JPEGs.

-Try an Audio Book.

-Add Vehicle Icons from the Garmin Garage.

-Possibly add a voice. Do I lose the spoken street names with ANY of the optional voices?

Does anybody here have any other suggestions on what I can do with this? Has anybody here tried any of the other Personal Travel Assistant features?

Any other tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


WOW a 350 that's still eligible for a free map update. If that's so, you may have bought it used but it's never had a satellite lock, at least not more than 60 or 90 days ago. I'd hold off on the map update unless you have time to kill. It will take HOURS with the slow USB interface on the 350 and IMO there isn't a lot of sense going through the pain twice, when you don't need to.

If you use Webupdater and update the firmware to the latest version (6.20) your Nuvi should be able to support up to a 16GB SD card. You may well need an SD card as the 350 probably doesn't have room for the full 2013.10 mapset.

As long as the voice you use is a TTS voice you'll get spoken street names. If you choice a non TTS voice, you'll loss the spoken street names.

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Some answers

SD cards:

So it's 16GB if you have the latest firmware on your 350. Since you may need a firmware update, install and use WebUpdater on your computer. I believe the 350 uses a standard size SD card, but I suggest buying a micro SD with adapter since the micro card will be needed for your next nuvi or other device.

Custom POIs: your 350 can play mp3 files so you can add custom icons and audio alerts to your Custom POI files.

If your Traffic adapter uses Navteq or Clear Channel traffic, it's still working. It was the MSN that has come to an end. GTM-10:

Note that traffic will require a paid subscription. In many areas, folks seem to prefer ClearChannel over Navteq, but you may want to check each's map coverage in the areas you'll visit most often. In looking at the specs of the GTM 10, Navteq may be the only option.

Voices: Essentially all add-on voices, free or paid, are not TTS (text to speech) so they will not announce street names. Using your 350's Jill or Karen, etc., you'll hear "In point one miles, turn left on Elm Street" while with non TTS voices, you'll hear "In point one miles, turn left."

If you need manuals or docs:

Garmin Nuvi 350

I have a 4GB in my Garmin 350. I seem to remember that you have a limited time to download the free map after the unit is first registered with Garmin. The 350 does not come with Lifetime maps but they can be purchased at an extra cost "of course".

How much would one willing

How much would one willing to pay a used 350? $3.50?

I'm going to watch this thread

To find out if the 2013-10 mapset will fit on a 350.

New maps

Garmin will tell you that the new maps will not fit on the unit. They will twll you to add the rest to a card. If you hook the GPS to your computer, you can delete the languages you don't need (Uzbeck, Swailhe and more)
This will give you mor extra roon than you wil need.

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Garmin Nuvi 350

I think I downloaded the entire 2012.4. Would I have received some type of message if it didn't load everything?

Map update

Jim1348 wrote:

I think I downloaded the entire 2012.4. Would I have received some type of message if it didn't load everything?

When trying to do the last map update, if you didn't have room for all of North America, you would have been given options and had to choose one, I think.

On your nuvi 350, go to Tools/System/Map/MapInfo and see what is listed there.

When I bought my Nuvi 350 it

When I bought my Nuvi 350 it cost nearly $350. It does take an SD or SDHC 16 GB card but you can use a microSD card with adapter. I'd wait a little for the new map update, if I were doing it.

Good luck with it. My unit still functions well & it's one of the few that still plays mp3 files.