Ridgeland South Carolina


Can anyone from the area tell me if they're still using the mobile camera on I95 in Ridgeland ?

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I know the state has a lawsuit against them for illegal cameras. Never heard any more about that case.
I know I got caught last year and had to pay $187.00 for one.
My advice is just to keep it a little slower going through there. Just not worth it, they make a lot of money and won't stop using them until the court makes them.

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Strom Class Action Suit

There is a class action suit you might want to investigate if you've gotten a ticket. If you google something like "Ridgeland speed trap lawsuit" you should find it.

I live in SC and there was a flurry in our legislature late last year with lots of noise but I don't think they took definitive action.


I think the class action lawsuit was dismissed.

I think the class action lawsuit was dismissed.

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