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Where is the 2460LMT JCV file located?


I bought the 2460LMT and am looking to add the older, larger JCV file to my sd card, however I wanted to removed the existing JCV internal memory file so there would be no conflict, but I can't locate it. I added the older, larger file to my sd card but it doesn't seem to be working and I thought perhaps that it was because of a conflict with the internal JCV file. Anyone else get it to work?

It's in

It's in a HIDDEN folder on the Nuvi called .system (that's DOT System). In order to access it you have to alter Windows default Folder Views to unhide protected Operating System files.

I use the file on an SD card and it works fine. It must be in a folder called /Garmin/JCV on the SD Card. I have deleted the file from the JCV folder in .system on the Nuvi but I'm not sure if it needs to be or not.

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Thanks. I have the same question. Seems like the JCV file on the unit is older that the current one I downloaded. Is is save to remove the old one from the unit and install the new one. Why the SD Card. The unit has plenty of space.

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Thank you. That did the

Thank you. That did the trick. Now I have the larger file and NO split screen.

Larger File

Can you give me the name of the larger file.

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Look here for D3060040A.JCV

jcg4550 wrote:

Can you give me the name of the larger file.

Look here for the file name and download source:

You want to skim down to the first reply by Factory Member wp3gi. This is the large jcv file for the current 2012.30 map. It likely offers the largest number of JVs and gives an accurate full-screen display on 4.3" nuvi screens. Note for folks reading this months down the road that this file almost certainly will not work with newer maps (or older maps)--jcv files are specific for the version of City Nav. NA NT that they were written for.

And once again, thanks to wp3gi for finding and posting the file source and instructions.

Remember that if your nuvi doesn't have sufficient space for this over-775MB file, it can be installed and used on a SD card. [There may be issues, though, if the jcv file is on a SD card that also hold a supplemental map.]

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jcg4550 wrote:

Can you give me the name of the larger file.

Again I'm late, CraigW beat me while typing.
P.S. Should have no problem fitting the larger jcv since the 2460 has 8gb memory.

If your using the North America 2012.30 map the correct full junction file is D3060040A.jcv (775MB)
the split screen file name is D3191030A.jcv (459MB)

My preference is the larger full screen, but that's just me.

Either split screen or full screen will work on the 2460.

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But Remember

But remember that D3191030A.jcv or D3060040A.jcv will only work with City Navigator North America 2012.30. Putting either of these files on a device that doesn't have 2012.30 or on an SD card which is to be used on a device that doesn't have 2012.30 installed, will result in NO Junction Views being displayed.

Nuvi 350, 760, 1695LM, 3790LMT, 2460LMT, 3597LMTHD and TomTom XXL540s

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