G-25 use in both 1490T and 265W, not at the same time


I have both a 1490T and a 265W unit. The 1490 came with the Traffic receiver. The 265W did not. Now I know that using software purchased for one device should not be used on multiple devices without paying multiple times.

Knowing that and being agreeable to that philosophy, If I have a single Traffic receiver and have both GPS's in use on different vehicles at the same time, would it be unreasonable for me to take the Traffic receiver from the 1490T and use it on the 265W? Considering sometimes I travel and other times my wife travels but we don't both travel in different vehicles at the same time, I personally do not have a problem with this. However, before I go to Garmin.com/traffic and input the Traffic receivers code in order to use it on the 265W, I want to make sure I am not canceling its activity capability on the 1490T, from whence it came. Doncha see?

It does ask me for the FM Receivers unit ID and I don't know I want to give it if it will somehow disconnect its capability in use on the 1490T. The G-25 is the free with advertising. I am not even certain that the 265W has within its capability displaying the add. Any suggestions?
Thanks, R