Places Open 24 Hour A Day


I did a quick search and I see that something similar has been posted in the past, but I don't think any POI files were created on this. Anyway, now that I am working overnights, I am wondering if there are any POI files that would pull up all 24 hour a day locations near me. I suspect that it might be difficult to create, since hours change, etc.m but I thought I would check.

Realistically, near me anyway, it is probably a fairly short list. It is probably places like

-Wal-Mart (some)

-Cub Foods (groceries)

-Lifetime Fitness (health club)

-Walgreens (some)

-Perkins (some)

-Denny's Restaurants

-McDonalds (some)

-Burger King (some)

-Taco Bell (some)

-CVS (some)

I am in the some metro of the Twin Cities Minneapolis Saint Paul area, so I suspect things may vary quite a bit from place to place.

I work nights also. That's a

I work nights also. That's a great idea. Sounds like a difficult poi to create due to the reasons you gave.

Several exist

Several of us have created POI files for 24 hour pharmacies in our areas.

Go the the alphabetic list of POI files and you will see "24 hour ...."

There is a 24 Hour Service Locations - Montreal - Canada which is more in line with what you are asking.