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Has anyone started or thought about a POI that lists Burger King or McDonalds restaurants that have play areas? I have a 2 year old that needs to burn off energy once in a while. It would be great to find or start a POI that lists where the nearest place that he can run around is.

I see a McDonalds USA, but I wonder what it would take to add something like what the Costco file has. In the name Put "Chicago, IL (Play Area)"

McDonalds USA with PlayPlace

I was thinking the same thing. McDonald's restaurant locator at its website does identify which McDonald's have a PlayPlace. Along with the McDonald's restaurant locator info, the POI "McDonalds USA Including Alaska and Hawaii" could be used to create a new POI such as

McDonalds USA having PlayPlace

I think an even more valuable POI for parents would be a POI with only indoor PlayPlaces. Many of the outdoor PlayPlaces are either too hot or too dirty for little kids. However, I don't know whether there is such a list anywhere.

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Mickey D's with P;ay areas.....

I've been working on a POI for McDonalds with play areas in the metro Detroit area. I just wanted to get a few into my 750 so that when my 6 year old granddaughter and I were out and about we could find one near our current location. I used the locater at the McDonalds website, but it was a pain to use (...there has to be a better way) sad . I know I am missing some local locations, and I have only done about a 10-15 mile radius. I use two different icons..... one for yes it does..... the other for no it doesn't. (BE WARNED: any child can spot even a small McDonalds with play area icon on a gps screen from long distances and will you give a loud alert that one is near, ...making any other custom alert unnecessary) grin

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McDonald's Restaurant playland POI

Looking at the McDonald's Restaurant page at , there is a sound file "•McDonald's Playland Alert Sound". So the playlands have been coded, but it would be nice to have a McDonald's POI limited to only playlands.

The McDonald's POI page at indicates "9/21/2009 The comparison of the file to the McDonalds website locator has now been completed."

Perhaps there is an easier way to use the McDonalds website locator. If someone knows how to eaily tease out McDonald's Playland locations from the McDonalds website locator, please post.

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I would like this as well.

I would like this as well. Why make a wav file if a POI doesn't exist for it?

I am presently compiling

a listing showing the McDonalds that have a 'Playplace'. I am following the same process that I used for the McDonalds. With almost 14000 locations, this will take a while. This listing will show only the locations that have a 'Playplace'. The website does not indicate inside vs outside.

McDonalds PlayPlaces

I have completed the compilation of those McDonald locations that have a PlayPlace. I have added these to the titles in column C of the McDonalds USA file. This file shows all McDonalds locations, with and without PlayPlaces, and was obtained using the website locator.
For members that are interested in just a listing of the Mcdonalds that have PlayPlaces, I have generated a separate file, listing only the McDonalds that have PlayPlaces.

Thanks mahoney....

Thanks for putting the effort into doing this. Actually, the thanks comes directly from my 6 year old grand-daughter. grin
Will be putting this file to the test this weekend, during our Saturday and Sunday travels.
Again thanks.....

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Glad to help

If you find any errors please let me know.

No problems or errors...

We had a wonderful time Saturday and checked out three McDonalds with play areas that we had never been too before. I spent a total of six hours in those three places Saturday shock. We even picked up a neice of mind for the second and third trips.
If I (we) notice any errors, I'll let you know about it. Great Work..... Thanks grin

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Sounds right

McDonalds isn't cheap. Pay area is a good description.