Rest Areas-csv file


How do I check to see if they are working ?
I'm using a nuvi 1450

One way


1490LMT 1450LMT 295w

Be glad to help

allana15 wrote:

How do I check to see if they are working ?
I'm using a nuvi 1450

Give us some more information because otherwise we are making assumptions about what you have done or not done.

You seem to have downloaded the "Rest Areas Combined" .csv file from

We are assuming that you loaded this .csv file using POILoader, but we do not know which mode you used. You would use "Express" mode if you just wanted to have the rest areas on your GPS for use with "Where To" or you could have used "Manual" mode to set an "proximity" distance (say, 5000 feet) so you would be "alerted" when you approached a rest area.

Let's say that you loaded the Rest Area file using POILoader's Manual mode and have some Proximity Distance set. Let's also say that you went to Tools > Settings > Proximity Points > Proximity Alerts and put a check by "Custom POIs" to turn on the alerts. Let's also say that you can go to Where To > Extras (you have to scroll down) and can access "Custom POIs"

When you get to "Custom POIs" find the Rest Area File within Custom POIs and select them. What you will then see is the closest (as the crow flies - not by road distance) rest areas to where your GPS currently is located.

I do not think there is rest area very close to you so we are going to put your GPS at a location close to one so you can do a simulation.

Can we get your GPS to assume that we are sitting at the intersection of Fred W Moore Highway and Arlington Road in St. Clair? Yes, we can.

Touch Where to and then Intersection. Touch Change State or Country. Touch Spell State or Province and you will be asked to Enter State or Province. When you type a “MI”, the GPS should give you choices and you will press “Michigan”. Now press the Back button.

Touch intersection and you will be asked to “Spell City”. When you touch Spell City, When you enter "St Cl.."you will be given various choices. Take the top one.

Now you will be asked to Spell Street 1 and you will type “Fre..” until Fred W Moore appears. Select it and you will be asked to Spell Street 2. Start entering “alli…” and Allington will appear. Select it. The next screen will give you the option of Go! but you will select Save. Answer yes to whether you want to save this location to your Favorites.

Now back all the way to the Main Menu (just hold the back button down till you get there - no need to press it multiple times).

Now, get into simulation mode. On most units, You would touch Tools (wrench) then Settings and then System. Select the GPS Simulator option and turn simulation On. Press Ok and then hold the Back button down until you get to the Main Menu.

Touch Where to and then Favorites. Touch All Favorites and then use the arrows to find “Fred W Moore Hwy & Allington”. Take that favorite. An alternative is to choose "Recently Found" (instead of "Favorites") and that choice should be at the top of the list.

The next screen will give you the option of Go! but you will select Map. Press the Set Loc. button to tell your GPS that you are now at “Fred W Moore Hwy & Allington” in St. Clair MI. Hold the Back button until you get to the Main Menu.

Now we will navigate somewhere. If you have "Home" already set just choose that by Go > Home. Otherwise, let's play a bit. Touch Go > Near (at the bottom middle of the screen). Select "A different City" and press OK. Type in Detroit and press Done. Select the second choice of Detroit, MI. Now select the Points of Interest icon. Then, press the Transit icon. Press the Air Transportation choice and scroll down one screen to get to Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Let’s Go there. Your GPS will ask you “Do you want to simulate driving this Route?”. Answer Yes, and you will be on your way.

Now this will take a while because we have to go a mile or so to get onto I94 West and head toward the airport. Notice that the GPS is moving at the speed limit. You will get on I94 and then head toward the WB Rest Area at mile marker 251.

Hope this works for you. let us know.