Lawsuit Challenges Red Light Camera Legality


The suit argues that ATS used Hazelwood Police Chief Carl Wolf to head Missouri Families for Safer Roads (MFSR), a front group created to enhance the revenue generation efforts of ATS.

"ATS recruited Chief Wolf to essentially market and promote ATS and red light cameras," Keane and Campbell wrote. "Upon information and belief, Chief Wolf, as the president and sole corporate officer of MFSR and an unofficial ATS spokesman, has accepted gifts and other gratuities from ATS."

"They Are On The Take"

I read on the local paper a while back that a Pinellas County Chief of Police refused to disclose at a council meeting how much the RLC in the locality were generating, don't know how that ended if he was made to do it or not.

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Sounds like it's time for a

Sounds like it's time for a recall vote.