and intersection in NYC


I don't think anyone posted this link yet, I'm not trying to change opinions or even form them. Since Mayor Bloomberg had indicated he wants lights at all intersection he might want to reconsider and put police officers at them instead, if he has all the violators cited motorist, pedestrians, and bicyclist, he might actually get a balanced budget for NYC.


What will negate that balance and also add onto the cost of installing said cameras, would be having all the lights re-timed (inspected and re-engineered) to correct the quick changing yellows AND timing between each light.

Speed limits on residential streets is 30MPH (that's just residential), but there are alot of yellows that are barely on for more then 1 second before going red. Hell, I just noticed the yellow on a street which crosses Queens Blvd (8 lanes of two way traffic with 3 small width "islands" and 2 parking lanes) change in less then 2 seconds. And that wasn't a local/residential street crossing the major arterial, but a minor collector crossing a major arterial, as well as a on-ramp entrance to a major highway.

I can see...

..Mayor Bloomberg requiring bicycles to be registered so that the red light camera on each corner can fine them $50 for each violation. Just a