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For the movie buffs out there, I've been working on a POI list for where feature films have been shot on location. If you've like to download the file, you can get it here:

If anybody wants to contribute, please do so by sending me the information. But please give a specific location rather than saying a movie was shot in "town xyz". If you can provide a brief description of what scene from the film was shot at that location, I will put it in that POI's notes.

I hope to be able to update the POI file at least once a month.


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Information for the Movie "Norma Rae"

The movie, Norma Rae, staring Sally Field, was "filmed on location in Opelika, Alabama. The mill scenes were shot at Opelika Manufacturing, and the motel scenes were filmed at The Golden Cherry Motel.” (from Wikipedia)

-85.392306, 32.639818
Opelika Manufacturing
Intersection of 1st Avenue & 16th Street
Opelika, AL 36801

-85.384219, 32.647783
Golden Cherry Motel
1010 2nd Avenue
Opelika, AL 36801
(334) 745-7623

The Golden Cherry Motel is still operational, although not a luxury accommodation. The Opelika Manufacturing building, originally a textile manufacturing plant which employed over 1,000, now sits abandoned.

For more information on Norma Rae, go here:

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Lots of movies were filmed in Riverside, Ca

Popular filming locations are the MISSION INN and the Riverside Court House. GOOGLE "movies shot in Riverside CA"

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American Grafitti

The last scene in the film was shot at Buchanan Field in Concord when he's flying off to college. The coordinates are -122.056889 37.989667 . I am trying to find coords for San Francisco Bay Area locations for "A View to a Kill: and THX1138 For that film, they used a lot of the bay area tunnels. The very last scene of the film where he is climbing out of the tunnels is the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) tunnel before BART was completed. If you watch the scene, THX is climbing at a "weird" angle. That's because he's actually crawling along the place where the rails were to be placed on the Oakland side of the tunnel. More when I get actual locations. Thanks for the POI!!!!!


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